When Hydroseeding Turf grasses there are many options in regards to seed variety that include Perennial Rye, Tall fescues, Fine fescues, and Bermuda grasses
By far the majority of Hydroseeding uses Tall Fescue grass seed. To be clear, there are at least 120 different varieties of Tall Fescues most of which should not be used in a residential setting. If you are unsure as to which variety or type of seed you should use on your property your best bet is to call Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding so that you can discuss the many seed options and find out what is best for your application.
How much does it cost? prices can start as low as 7 cents per foot for very larger areas, but with so many variables, for example; the type of seed being used, type of mulch, and fertilizers not to mention the cost of getting a large truck to Your Jobsite costs can vary greatly.