Erosion control refers to a hydroseeding process that may, or may not, include a seed. If we are performing erosion control without seed in the mix we would call that Hydro mulching. Hydro mulching is a process that is exactly the same as Hydroseeding, we just do not add seed to the tank mix. Why would we do this? Perhaps you may not want any new plants growing in an area you plan to re-landscape in the future? but you need erosion control to hold the soil, dust, or the hillside in place until that landscape plan can be implemented. Erosion control can be done with hundreds, perhaps thousands of different seed varieties and combinations including native plants which by the way can be a fancy name for weeds!
How much does it cost? prices can start as low as 7 cents per foot for very larger areas, but with so many variables, for example; the type of seed being used, type of mulch, and fertilizers not to mention the cost of getting a large truck to Your Jobsite costs can vary greatly.