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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hydroseeding cost?
The answer is… it depends. While we do typically have a minimum charge to get the Hydroseeding truck to the job site, that minimum charge will be based on where the project is located and the variety of seed that is being sprayed. Hydroseeding prices are based on the square footage being sprayed, prices can be as low as five cents a square foot for very large areas and up to .15 cents to .25 cents a square foot for smaller areas or very expensive seed mixes. The best thing to do, since quotes are free, is to call Advanced Landscape And Hydroseeding. Many projects can be quoted over the phone without seeing the project beforehand we just need the square footage that you want to be sprayed to generate a quote.
Is sod better than Hydroseeding?
Turf sod and hydroseeding use the exact same grass seed. Sod is simply grass that has been grown by a professional sod farmer who has solved all of the problems prior to you seeing it. Problems such as excessive weeds, bald spots, and unhealthy areas have already been repaired. With Hydroseeding, you are the professional farmer!.. You must solve any problems that arise after the Hydroseeding has taken place.
Question: Other than the experience of the person growing the grass what’s the biggest difference between sod and hydroseeding?
Answer: The price! Sod will be as much as .50-.75 cents a square foot just to purchase the product without it being installed! whereas the same amount of Hydroseeding may only be 66% cheaper a square foot which is quite a cost savings and that is the installed price.
What is Hydromulching?
Hydro mulching and Hydroseeding are the exact same processes except in Hydromulching we don’t put any seed in the tank. Hydro mulching would be used for short-term erosion control only.
Does Hydroseeding cause weeds to grow?
The seed that we use to Hydroseed your turf area is 100% weed-free. If weeds grow with your new Hydroseed it’s because they were already present in the ground prior to you having the Hydroseed sprayed. By the way, turning off the water to your area that you want Hydro seeded DOES NOT and WILL NOT kill the weeds or dormant weed seed. If that actually worked, the mountains and foothills around us would be sand dunes with no plants or trees! clearly, that’s not true. If you want your area to be weed-free you must embark on a process called the Grow / Kill cycle.
What if weeds grow with Hydroseed?
Weeds may come in with your new Hydroseeding. We recommend that you do not spray weed killer or apply any herbicides to kill off the weeds until the turf has become stronger and better rooted so that it can withstand the weed herbicides. Once your turfgrass is well-established you can use a good quality “Weed and feed” product to begin the process of controlling the weed population in your turf.
How much should I water my new Hydroseeding?
After your area is Hydroseed we will give you written directions and advice on how to water your new Hydroseed. A briefly, it will require, the ground to stay moist all through the daylight hours. That may require 2 to 3 daytime water cycles. It is impossible for us to give you specific times for watering, why? This due to changes in weather, different types of soil, whether you have full sun, part shade, full shade, etc.
What type of grass should I use to plant my new lawn?
That will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want green grass 12 months out of the year? Then you will be using Tall fescue or Perennial rye. Do you need Turf that is incredibly tough in the summertime? you may want to use Bermuda grass. Please call to discuss the different pros and cons of the different seed varieties.
When is the best time to Hydroseed?
Being in So Cal, we can typically Hydroseed 12 months out of the year. Though, January and February will be slow growth months for some turf varieties. Hydroseeding in the middle of summer can be very successful, but you must have a VERY good irrigation system. When it is warm outside, even one day, lack of adequate water/moisture will prevent your Hydroseed from germinating.
How do I prepare for Hydroseeding?
That’s a complicated question it depends on where you’re starting from. Is the seeding area at a brand new track home with no weeds and bare clean soil? Was it an existing lawn that has died off? Again your best bet is to call and talk to your hydroseeding technician to discuss the best path forward for you.

Have a Project in Mind?

The actual spraying of the hydroseeding can be completed sometimes in less than an hour depending on the project. Call for a free quote. It is also very helpful if you know how many square feet you want to be sprayed!