Yucaipa, CA Hydroseeding & Erosion Control Services

Established in 1992, Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding has been a fixture in Yucaipa since the late 1990s, originally operating as a landscape maintenance company caring for large turf areas and playing fields under the name Advanced Landscape Maintenance. Our early years were marked by servicing commercial maintenance accounts, including prominent clients such as Walmarts, Costco, and numerous apartment complexes and shopping centers.

As the late 90s approached, our focus shifted towards landscape construction, prompting a necessary rebranding to Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding. This transition coincided with the acquisition of our first Hydroseeding/Hydromulching machine in the early 90s, signifying a pivotal moment in our business trajectory. Since then, our services have revolved around landscape construction, Landscape low-voltage lighting, irrigation, hydroseeding, and hydro mulching, with a deliberate departure from landscape maintenance.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of hydroseeding businesses, even acquiring their equipment as they shuttered their operations. Today, Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding proudly serve numerous school districts, commercial enterprises, and residential hydroseed projects in and around Yucaipa, CA, and its environs. We offer a comprehensive range of residential, commercial, and Public Works hydroseeding, hydro mulching, and irrigation services to meet the diverse needs of our community.

Residential detention basin hydroseeding near Yucaipa

Our owner

With over three decades of experience as a licensed landscape contractor (C-27), Kerry Gephart stands at the helm of Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding. Under his leadership, our company has been dedicated to providing tailored landscape solutions for school districts in Redlands, Calimesa, Cherry Valley, and Yucaipa.

In addition to his role at Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding, Kerry is also a certified CTE landscape construction teacher in California. He has devoted four years to educating students in landscape construction at a local continuation high school, passing on his wealth of knowledge to the next generation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kerry has been an active member of BNI for over 9 years, where he actively supports local small businesses. He also plays a significant role in his local church community, exemplifying a commitment to both professional excellence and community service.

Kerry Gephart

Preparation for Hydroseeding in Yucaipa

Hydroseeding has become a favored method for growing and nurturing lush lawns, renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness. Yet, in Yucaipa, CA, where unique soil conditions prevail, proper soil preparation is paramount for successful hydroseeding endeavors. You will need a specialized plan specifically for Yucaipa residents. Call us for guidance and we will outline a meticulous process to prepare your soil, emphasizing the crucial role of rock removal. Following these steps, you can optimize your soil’s condition, fostering strong growth and long-lasting beauty for your hydro-seeded lawn or pasture land.

In Yucaipa, our company stands out as the premier provider of landscape construction, irrigation, and hydroseeding services. Trusted by over 30 school districts throughout Southern California, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and quality that’s second to none.

Educational institutions turn to us to transform their outdoor spaces, sports fields, and playfields into vibrant, inviting environments. Whether it’s designing and executing landscaping projects, installing efficient irrigation systems, or meticulously hydroseeding, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each school. Our goal is to create landscapes that are visually stunning, environmentally sustainable, safe, and conducive to optimal learning environments.

Hydroseeding repaired slopes near Yucaipa for erosion control season

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