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Kerry Gephart

My name is Kerry Gephart and I am the owner of Advanced Landscape & Hydroseeding. I am a state-licensed landscape contractor and have been in business for approximately 20 years. Prior to stepping out on my own, I worked for another landscape company before I became inspired to open my own.

Here at Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding, we make sure we have a in depth background check for each employee. We are bonded, licensed and insured to perform all works within the construction field. If we feel we are not adequate for the job, we have a multitude of contractors that we work with to make sure your job is 100% satisfactory. 

Our Pledge

We will use top-quality parts. We want our customer to know we are use the best parts in order to do the job entailed. 

If your job includes hydroseeding, this portion of the job will not be sub-contracted to an outside company. We perform all hydroseeding jobs. There is no job to big or to small but we make sure to recommend what is most cost effective for our clients and give advice as to which avenue they should take. 

We believe that if you put 100% effort into your work, nine out of ten times you will have produced a good quality job. However, please understand that we are dealing with living materials (plants and grass seed) that do not subscribe to a calendar on the wall and so growth rates will vary.

We stand by all of our work, and in the remote chance, an issues arises, we will make sure to address the situation swiftly and effectively to the customer's satisfaction.


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