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Erosion Control

Redland Home: Stabilized slope in the backyard by installing a retaining wall

Erosion Control in Southern California


 Have you ever seen an avalanche? It starts as a little bit of snow, but soon turns into a massive movement of snow. This is in effect what soil erosion is. Be it rain or other elements affecting the soil particles, the process of subtle and at times not-so subtle erosion begins to wreak havoc on your property. 


At Advanced Landscape & Hydroseeding, we specialize in designing and installing drought-tolerant plants, shrubbery, and grasses. We design a custom solution for your potential erosion issue that is both highly effective in function while at the same time completely beautiful. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in the industry.

Mulched Slopes Southern CA


We take every opportunity to carefully examine all aspects of the project, so that we are able to best supply the custom solution for your erosion control project. We look at the distinct contours of the area to find a unique approach; one that will truly enhance & beautify your space.

Residential Erosion Control


 Ground Cover Alternatives Mulch



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